The Signature Collection

Within the Signature Collection you will find all of your basic suiting fabrics as well as an assortment of the season's most fashionable fabrics. If you are no stranger to custom or fine suiting, you will appreciate our Signature Collection. Choose from renowned mills such as Vitale Barbaris Canonico and E. Thomas to create your signature piece.  


Below are the features included on Signature Collection garments: 

  • Full Canvas Construction
  • Hand Finishing
  • Pick Stitching: Lapels, Front Edge, Pockets & Side Pant Pockets
  • Choice of Buttons: Horn & Shell
  • Choice of Lining
  • Name Embroidery: On Lining or Under Collar
  • Pleated Curtain Waistband on Trousers
  • Price: $1295+